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Special Report: Private Label 2013
Retailers re-assess quality as shoppers focus on value instead of price

November 2013

This IRI Private Label 2013 Special Report provides insight into how private label is performing across seven European countries. This year, we have added some measurements of the huge United States (U.S.) market.

Private label helps consumers reduce their weekly shopping costs and provides retailers in the United Kingdom (U.K.), France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Greece and the United States (U.S.) with an opportunity to boost sales and grow their margin.

More consumers are learning to love private label as the quality of the offer improves and the price remains attractive. At the same time, the price of standard and premium tier solutions is increasing steadily in many countries and the price gap with national brands narrowing as manufacturers look to protect their market share with aggressive promotions.

This report outlines where the private label market is today and how it is likely to evolve over the next year and beyond. Manufacturers know they must work even closer with retailers to improve the range of assortment so that both parties benefit.

To learn more, read IRI Special Report ‘Private Label 2013’

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Read our press release ‘IRI Highlights Rising Price of Retailer Private Label Products

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Perfect in-store execution, a major source of untapped value

October 2013

Only 4% of shopping trips end in complete success. There are plenty of opportunities to improve on current FMCG sales by revisiting your in-store execution and leveraging the retail point of sales data. The use and analysis of this granular data is enabling retailers and manufacturers to get closer to executing effectively in-store, thus improving market share, but only when it is embedded across categories and partners.

In our ‘Perfect In-Store Execution’ point of view report our analyst examines how and where this data can be used most effectively and its impact, to improve both sales and supply chain operations for challenges such as promotional optimisation, product lifecycle management and merchandising deployment.

To learn more, read our Point of View ‘Perfect In-Store Execution’

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Read our press release ‘IRI’s Point of View reveals how to deliver sales growth as a result of a perfect in-store execution


Special Report: Pricing and Promotion in Europe
FMCG industry at a tipping point

July 2013

The latest Europe wide analysis highlights the failure of promotions to boost sales volumes.

The amount of food and non-food goods sold on promotion was up by 2.7% in the last year continuing a period of promotional intensity for many countries in Europe. Yet despite a focus on deals, volume sales have started to decline, particularly in non-food categories, as consumers continue to cut back on perceived non-essential items. Overall volume sales dipped by 0.1% across Europe.

Tim Eales, Strategic Insight Director at IRI, suggests that promotions have reached a tipping point. He says, "The UK, which has traditionally had the highest level of trade promotions in Europe, is showing signs of a decline in promotional intensity. FMCG manufacturers may be losing patience with expensive trade promotions that are not bringing the volume rewards they used to."

To learn more, read our latest IRI Special Report ‘Pricing and Promotion in Europe – 2013’

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Read our press release ‘FMCG promotion levels reach tipping point. IRI’s European Price and Promotion report highlights eroding brand loyalty as promotions fail to boost volume sales.

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Pet Care - Trends and Insights across Europe

November 2012

It seems that pet care is proving to be recession-proof throughout Europe. Consumers continue to spend more and more on their furry friends. We have found that pet care is not as promotionally reliant as most major FMCG markets, but promotions are growing across most of the countries and pushing sales. We are starting to see a big trend towards snacks and treats, especially those that are promoted as being healthy options for pets, such as chewy sticks that are good for their teeth.

To learn more, read this IRI Pet Care European Overview:

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Read our press release ‘Pet Care shows signs of being recession-proof as European consumers increase spend on the family pet

Private Label in Europe 2012
Is there a limit to growth?

October 2012 

While retailers’ own brands continue to help cash-strapped consumers across Europe reduce the cost of their weekly shop, national brands are fighting hard to protect their share of the market, reveals this report.

“We are seeing dynamic change in what is already the most mature Private Label market in the world,” said Rod Street, EVP of International Consulting at IRI Group. “However, almost all shoppers will continue to fill their shopping baskets with a mix of Private Label and brands. As a result in many categories Private Label could reach a ceiling regardless of how far retailers promote it.”

To learn more, read our latest IRI Special Report,‘Private Label in Europe 2012’

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Price and Promotion Mix on the Spot

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Pricing and Promotion in Europe
Adapting to the tough times that are set to last

June 2012   

The report provides FMCG retailers and manufacturers with data, analysis, insights and recommendations on the role that price is playing across nine key food and non-food categories in seven European countries. It shows how the industry has managed to reclaim some of its lost profits, pass on costs and use promotions to sustain volumes.

We see that shoppers are increasingly in control. They are not only more price-driven than ever before but they have come to expect promotions as the norm. They are becoming more confident to shop using different channels, such as online, and will spend time hunting out bargains and special offers.

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May 2012

Failure to restock supermarket shelves costs billions every year to FMCG manufacturers and retailers.
This report includes practical guidance on removing the barriers to improving On-Shelf Availability.


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View why ‘Improving OSA it matters more’ at the digital age click here

Special Report: Retail Private Label Brands in Europe
December 2011

This report explores current and emerging private label trends across Europe. It examines key indicators such as the value and volume of private label as well as the price and promotional pressure on FMCG products across seven European countries.

With this report FMCG marketers and retailers will gain valuable insights into how the economic climate, and the resulting behaviour of shoppers in Europe, will impact their brand and retail strategies in the coming year and how they can respond to address these challenges.